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09 March 2008 @ 12:44
Meeting Robert?  
Not sure if this is allowed.

I'm an otaku and I like to go to conventions. I went to Anime SuperCon a while ago.

Why is this important?

They gave out flyers for their not-so-anime-ish sister con, Florida SuperCon. On the flyer, it tells you which guests are going. One section looks like this:

Robert Pattinson was announced as a guest! >_<

HOWEVER! Recently, I acquired another flyer from them and it looked liked this:

Robert's not there and it says, "Special Guest to be announced." o_o

So, I think that since he's filming Twilight, he told them, "Look, I might be shooting a film then, but if I can make it then I will."

Special Guest = Robert Pattinson = ^_^

This means that there is a chance to meet Robert in person! I don't know how many people would be able to make it down to Florida, but I will. So I was thinking...

This may not work, but...

I thinking of asking Robert for a side interview for twilight_film   ! >_<

So I want everyone to give me questions to ask him since it's for you guys! One small request: Please don't make them juvenile questions. (Like, "What's your favorite color?!") I won't embarrass him or myself with juvenile questions.

Hoping this okay,

~Shizu ^_^
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黒羽 静靡kurohaneshizumi on 9th March 2008 20:03 (UTC)
I would feel really bad about him not being there. But just in case...

Well, let's all hope, ne?

~Shizu ^_^

RedAngelTeflonredangelteflon on 9th March 2008 19:52 (UTC)
Robert Pattinson . . . . . . not Robert Patterson
I think you're mistaking this other guy for Robert Pattinson because there
is an ACTOR Named "Robert PATTERSON" on IMDB.

Just thought you should know.
黒羽 静靡kurohaneshizumi on 9th March 2008 20:01 (UTC)
Re: Robert Pattinson . . . . . . not Robert Patterson
Oh. I spelled it wrong.

But it is the same guy. Robert's the one who play Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and he's the only main cast member with the name.

O_O I'll fix the name.

~Shizu ^_^;
Stephanie: RPATTZ dark hair smirk.ephee on 9th March 2008 20:43 (UTC)
if i KNOW he'll be there I might go!! I would want to go and see the weasley twins as well, but if Robert WILL be there I want to go and meet him. (And let him know that there are people who are excited to see him as Edward.)
黒羽 静靡kurohaneshizumi on 9th March 2008 21:29 (UTC)
Yes, especially to convey support. ^_^ He's awesome and he'd should know that!

Lindafrowninghour on 9th March 2008 21:14 (UTC)
What is SuperCon? Is it like Comic Con? I've been thinking for awhile how awesome it would be if there was a Twilight panel at Comic Con this summer.

If it's anything like Comic Con, I'm not sure you'll actually get to "interview" him; probably just a panel Q&A and an autograph/picture session, but that's it...
黒羽 静靡kurohaneshizumi on 9th March 2008 21:35 (UTC)
Well, generally at anime conventions, you can actually walk up to the person and (if they'll let you) you can hug, shake hands, talk, get autographs, take pictures (with or with out you) and just about anything else. When I went to MetroCon I met Scott McNeil and after his panels, I've always hung out with him. (We're kind of friends...)

It's not like E3 or Star Trek conventions where the actor/actress is safely guarded by a thick wall of security guards. There is an accompanying attendant assigned by the con, but said actor/actress is free to do just about whatever they want. O_o;

So, if he'll allow it, I'd like to take him aside after the panel or when he has free time, and interview him.

I've done it with Scott before.


Amanda: R PATTZ; smilecrinkledpaper on 9th March 2008 23:57 (UTC)
I'm TOTALLY going to Florida SuperCon! It's like 45 minutes from my house! omg, awesome
黒羽 静靡kurohaneshizumi on 10th March 2008 23:30 (UTC)
Awesome! We should totally meet up! >_<

camiwoxim on 16th July 2008 08:28 (UTC)
Posted by Marie Mon Dieu at PM on July 2 Totally awesome meet-up. Cog_nate and MEP, hope you guys have an awesome time in Maine.
valybopu on 16th July 2008 18:15 (UTC)
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i_love_animejdi_love_animejd on 10th March 2008 02:00 (UTC)
you are so lucky not only might you be able to meet robert but those super hotties the phelps twins. I am really jealous!
黒羽 静靡kurohaneshizumi on 10th March 2008 23:31 (UTC)
I love the twins! Even if Robert doesn't go (T_T) I'll still go just to meet them. ^_^ They're so cute and I love their double, "Wicked," line. It's awesome! >_<

Mariahesitant_solace on 10th March 2008 06:43 (UTC)
Well, it's May 23-25.. and apparently they stop shooting Twilight late April.. so he's most likely not filming then. At least not Twilight. So it could be him.. wish I lived closer to Florida. ><
黒羽 静靡kurohaneshizumi on 10th March 2008 23:34 (UTC)
AWESOME! I hope he goes then~

Aww~ It sucks that you can't go. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures and post the interview (and maybe even record it so you all can hear it) here so that even if you couldn't go you'll still be able to get plenty of Robert! ^_^

\m/xuperher0 on 10th March 2008 16:26 (UTC)
Aw, I wish you would get to meet him! If I had a chance, I'd love to meet him too. And maybe make friends - haha.
(Deleted comment)
黒羽 静靡kurohaneshizumi on 11th March 2008 01:12 (UTC)
Of course! It will be an interview for twilight_film! I'll try to post pictures and (if I'm lucky) a recorded version of it as well.

But I do want the fans to contribute so if there's something specific that everyone wants to know, please tell me so I can ask him! ^_^

sociguru on 11th March 2008 06:33 (UTC)
I'm going to DEFINITELY go to Florida SuperCon, even if I have to skip my pre-med classes to go!!! I hope that all the Rob supporters can be there. He's going to make the perfect Edward. We should meet up.

黒羽 静靡kurohaneshizumi on 11th March 2008 15:24 (UTC)
Absolutely! >_<

sociguru on 11th March 2008 17:24 (UTC)
Are you going to get tickets for general admission or the silver/gold? I can only afford the general admission. I've never been to one of these, but if Rob would be there(so sad that he won't x x),
I would find a way to get the gold ticket. How would we meet up? Maybe hold signs or something?

黒羽 静靡kurohaneshizumi on 11th March 2008 17:49 (UTC)
General Admission, most likely. I'm too poor. I might have a job or some money by then, but I doubt I'd get the ticket. I'd probably use the extra money for buying stuff and food. (Fooo~~ood...)

I guess we could hold signs. *laugh*



~Shizu ^_^
witchywoman666 on 11th March 2008 13:16 (UTC)
Robert is NOT the SuperCon mystery guest. The coordinator of the site emailed me in response to my questions about Robert. The guest is likely to be Devon Murray or Matt Lewis...NOT Robert.
黒羽 静靡kurohaneshizumi on 11th March 2008 15:26 (UTC)
Whaa!! T_T That SUCKS! Now we all have to e-mail Robert telling him to get his ass down there! (*laugh*)

Well, thanks for the info. T_T Even if it's sad info. I'm still going... But it'll be sad...


witchywoman666 on 11th March 2008 16:13 (UTC)
You're gonna email Rob?? Well sign MY name to that as well! haha

I'm still going too, 'cause I love the Phelps twins.
黒羽 静靡kurohaneshizumi on 11th March 2008 17:52 (UTC)
*laugh* Yeah, if I had his e-mail right this minute, I would. Sadly, I don't, but I will make an effort at finding it... I'm pretty good at finding stuff, never tried to look for an e-mail address... hmmm...

A challenge...

Yes, the Phelps Twins are DA BOMB! I love their double, "Wicked," line. It's awesome!

~Shizu ^_^
sociguru on 11th March 2008 17:26 (UTC)
witchywoman666 on 11th March 2008 17:34 (UTC)
Sorry chickie, but that came from the event coordinator himself...I'm dissapointed too...

Personally I would be very surprised if he appeared anywhere as a HP guest. All the shit he's taking now with Twilight is becasue people cannot see past him as Cedric. If he pulled a HP "stunt" just before the movie came out, that would be a little odd, don't you think?
sociguru on 11th March 2008 17:56 (UTC)
This is true. He needs to do what's best for him.
witchywoman666 on 11th March 2008 18:11 (UTC)
F*** that! What about ME??? OOOH, I'm just KIDDING, honest! LOL I'm sure he'd love to make appearances if he could...I wish him the best with Twilight, especially when it comes to proving his "haters" wrong!